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Little Kids Rock, NJ

Little Kids Rock, NJ

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Sausalito-Marin City Schools - GrowingGreat Marin City/Sausalito

This program is about the children of Marin City and Sausalito and their families who need and deserve access to healthy foods, fitness education and other resources.

The project is designed to bring together community partners who will contribute to a unique nutrition education program in which the schools will host and integrate a school garden along with an inter-generational after-school element. It also integrates a Farmer's Market and a strong community partnership component that will increase the connection with and access to healthy foods and physical activity.

GrowingGreat Marin City/Sausalito is a comprehensive program integrating schools, homes and the community for better nutrition and healthier futures. The students and families of Bayside Elementary, Martin Luther King Jr. Academy, and Willow Creek Academy will focus on nutrition in the following ways:

  • School Gardens teaching students to appreciate fresh food and enriching their classroom curriculum
  • Nutrition education giving children practical tools to make healthy choices
  • Farm-to-school events connecting children to their food, the Marin City Farmers Market and their environment
  • Parent education workshops and family events
  • Intergenerational programs and community celebrations
  • Family cooking nights with visiting chefs