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Todos Juntos, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Todos Juntos, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Carlos Santana
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February 20, 2013
"Milagro's Site Visit to Santuario de Luz "

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Santuario de Luz, is a small, well respected and soulful clinic located in the heart of Autlan de Navarro in Jalisco, Mexico. Autlan is nestled in the mountains just west of Guadalajara. This small town, now of about 60,000 people is the birthplace of Mr. Carlos Santana.

The Milagro Foundation recently had the opportunity to visit this medical clinic. We toured the immaculate, well built facility. We met the young, eager doctors, nurses and counselors. We spoke with the dedicated board members. We visited the surrounding elementary schools who benefit and partner with the clinic for health and education services. Talking with the children we could see how much the clinic is involved in bringing vital care to their tight community.

Santuario de Luz was built with the support of Carlos Santana in 2005. Milagro Foundation has continued to support it year after year since. With each year Santuario de Luz adds more health services, acquires new medical equipment, fosters valuable partnerships, and heals more people.

Dr. Martin Sandoval Gomez is the passionate founder and medical director of Santuario de Luz, but to Carlos Santana, the Milagro Foundation, and to much of Autlan, he is an angel.

Please visit Milagro's Facebook page to see the photo album of our site visit to Autlan.