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Aug 18 2020 12:00AM

Retired Seattle Area firefighter Mike Aguilar Donates Fire Engine to Carlos Santana’s Birthplace, Autlan de Navaro Mexico

Some 10 years ago Washington State firefighters Paul Wright and Mike Aguilar started collecting used personal protective equipment (PPE) for donation to less fortunate firefighters in Jalisco, Mexico. Last year, the Autlan de Navaro Bomberos received a 53-foot trailer full of PPE totaling $1.9 million.

In 2019, a fully functional 1994 Spartan fire engine was purchased from the city of Novato, California fire department that was upgrading their fleet. This donation will come to the Mexico firefighters in Autlan at a time when their current fire ladder truck is beyond repair and will soon be rendered decommissioned due to age, mileage and maintenance costs.

Last week, Mike drove the fire engine to the Calexico border and passed it off to the President of Autlan, Miguel Angel Iñiguez Brambila and Autlan Fire Chief Juan Ignacio Arroyo Verastegui!

Thank you Firefighter Mike for making such an incredibly generous donation to Autlan, Mexico!

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