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Jun 4 2019 12:00AM

Music and Dance at Carlos Santana Arts Academy, Los Angeles

Carlos Santana's Arts Academy (CSAA) had its last spring music and dance celebration to end the school year!  The choir, both rock bands, all instrumental students at all levels, played and sang Katy Perry's "Fireworks".  They were fabulous!, says proud principal, Leah Bass-Baylis.  "I am going to miss them all so much."
Leah is retiring after 33 years of dedication to the Los Angeles public schools and 10 years with CSAA.  She writes,  "This music program, would not be possible without Carlos Santana and the Milagro Foundation.  Please make sure Carlos knows that we are forever grateful and he is making a difference in the lives of so many."
Leah, on behalf of Mr. Santana and the Milagro Foundation, congratulations on your well deserved retirement. It's YOUR amazing leadership that introduced the Milagro Foundation to CSAA and we are most honored to support you, this wonderful school and music program. 

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