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July 11-17, 2001

Miracles Happen

Carlos Santana and his wife help kids spread their wings with the Milagro Foundation.

Carlos says, "We have the power to change the world through two things: sound and color." Also, to handle the responsibility of success, the key is to "give back." For the Santana's, "giving back" means helping to fund grass-roots community action groups like Canal Child Care Center in San Rafael. "We've received two grants from the Milagro Foundation," says director GeorgeAnn Muntin. "One for $5000 and one for $10000, which went directly into services for the children. That might not sound like much, but to us it was miracle money. The funding is for school-age tutorials and special needs, things that the state doesn't cover. It's really a huge amount for us and it goes a long way."

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