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Jun 1 2010 12:00AM

OneXOne Marin City Visit

Last week OneXOne President, Marc Joubert and Managing Director, Skylar James joined the Milagro Foundation and GrowingGreat Founder, Marika Bergsund on a special tour of Marin City.

The purpose of the OneXOne visit was to learn more about GrowingGreat Marin City, a school garden, nutrition education and cooking program that is integrated into all schools’ curriculum, as well as providing access to healthy fresh food for the community of Marin City.

Our group started off at Bayside Elementary School where Kindergartners in Ms. Bank's class were engaged in a hands-on garden lesson. In small groups, the kids went out to their classroom garden box and plucked plump pink radishes out of the ground.

The children were then instructed to taste, describe, draw and label their radish. At first, the children weren't too excited to taste a radish, but once they did, they wanted more! After a tour of the community of Marin City we visited the brand new Martin Luther King Jr. Academy and took a peek of the thriving school garden.

OneXOne is one of the Marin City GrowingGreat program supporters. We are thankful to OneXOne for valuing this project.

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