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Aug 13 2013 12:00AM

Back to School Surprise

Summer has come to an end and teachers at Carlos Santana Arts Academy are gearing up for the new school year. On their first day back to school teachers were welcomed with a special treat from Santana brand partner, Brown Shoe. Each teacher was given a new pair of Carlos by Carlos shoes.

The gift came at a perfect time. Principal, Leah Bass-Baylis has been struggling with the chore of maintaining her staff's enthusiasm. She explained in an email to Milagro's executive director, Shelley Brown, "Yesterday I attended a training so that I can put an emergency plan in place in the event of an “active shooter” on campus. I have to share this information with my entire staff. It is a sobering and scarey thought but school shootings are happening more and more. Prior to opening your email I was staring at my computer and wondering how can I keep the morale of my teachers up under these circumstances and in this climate. Teachers are feeling so disrespected, unappreciated and exhausted."

When Leah received the news about this gift for her teachers she was so happy. This act of kindness reminds teachers that their role in these children's lives is incredibly important and appreciated.

Above is a photo of the teachers showing their letters from Brown Shoe inviting them to choose a rockin' pair of shoes from the latest Carlos by Carlos Santana shoe collection.

Brown Shoe, thank you for supporting the Carlos Santana Arts Academy teachers. What a way to begin the school year!

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