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The Milagro Foundation is a publicly supported foundation established by Carlos Santana and his family in 1998. Milagro benefits under resourced children around the world by making grants to community based tax-exempt organizations that work with children in the areas of education, health and the arts.

About The Milagro Foundation Board

The Milagro Foundation’s diverse Board members bring a variety of expertise and insights to the Foundation. What we all have in common is a passionate belief that children everywhere deserve to live a life with full access to proper healthcare and education as well as opportunities to develop into creative human beings.

  • Kim Baltzell

    Kim Baltzell

    Kim is an associate professor, nurse, and research scientist at University of California, San Francisco with a PhD.

     Her work focuses on malaria and non-malarial fevers and improving maternal and infant outcomes during childbirth in sub-Saharan Africa. In 2006, Kim founded a non-profit to provide malaria bed nets for residents of rural Malawi. She continues her work with the Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance to improve malaria outcomes for residents of Malawi. In addition to her PhD, Kim has an MS in global health. In 2014, Kim became the first Director of the UCSF School of Nursing Center for Global Health. Kim has been a Milagro Foundation Board member since 2009.

  • Marsha Bonner

    Marsha Bonner

    Marsha has worked over 30 years in foundations and philanthropy in New York City, Marin County, and Seattle,

     WA, and is currently the Director of Programs, Community Grantmaking, and Special Initiatives for the Annenberg Foundation in Los Angeles, CA. Marsha has been a Milagro Foundation Board member since 2001. 

  • Shelley Brown

    Shelley Brown

    Shelley Brown is the Executive Director of The Milagro Foundation. As a founding Board member in 1998,

     Shelley has served as the Executive Director since April 2000. In this capacity, Shelley has been at the helm of Milagro and guided the foundation in giving over $8,500,000.00 to agencies serving children in 18 countries from the Bay Area to as far away as Africa and India. Shelley’s background is as an educator, with twenty-five years of experience as a principal and teacher in school districts in Marin County and San Francisco. She is an experienced board member with a wealth of knowledge in community educational programs and resources in the Bay Area. Her life's work has been dedicated to supporting underserved youth.

  • Stevie Lee

    Stevie Lee

    A Milagro Foundation Board member since 2001, Stevie Lee has his roots in Marin City, California,

     where he has been involved in mentoring and sports programs for children. A Marin Horizon School elementary teacher for many years, Stevie is currently the Director of Diversity and Inclusion. Stevie has spent his entire career working with children.

  • Ruthie Moutafian

    Ruthie Moutafian

    Ruthie Moutafian is the Associate Director for the Milagro Foundation. She has been working with the organization

     since 2005. Before joining Milagro, Ruthie taught elementary school for 9 years in Queens, New York, Hayward, California and Tiburon, California. Ruthie’s work has been concentrated on growing collaborative partnerships that share like goals, on focusing on positive change and seeking organizations that are making a positive impact the lives of children.

  • Miguel Ordeñana III

    Miguel Ordeñana III

    An active supporter of The Milagro Foundation for 16 years prior to joining the Board in 2018, Miguel is currently

     the Chief Executive Officer at Terreno Management Group, a commercial & residential real estate asset management company in his hometown of San Francisco. Miguel has a diverse international business background from his previous position as operations manager and corporate liaison to clients in Central & South America while at Audio/Tek, Inc., a professional audio equipment manufacturing company in Silicon Valley. Miguel looks forward to contributing to the Milagro Foundation’s goals of providing local and worldwide assistance to underserved and vulnerable children.

  • Rose Schubert

    Rose Schubert

    Who knew working with numbers could be so much fun? Rose has spent the majority of her career working with

     non-profits and joined our Milagro team in 2003. Since then, she has been keeping our budgets on track and successfully navigating our required yearly audits. Rose is a treasured "behind the scenes" member of the Milagro family.

  • Ethel Seiderman

    Ethel Seiderman

    In Sept. 2015 the Institute for Early Education was established in honor of Ethel at the College of Marin

     in Kentfield, CA. This institute serves families and children and creates teachers who are rich mentors to youth entering the field. Ethel has been a Milagro Foundation board member since 2008.  We honor our spirited Ethel for her contributions to children throughout her life.  She passed away in 2016 and she will stay in our hearts forever.

  • Maria Vrionis

    Maria Vrionis

    Her first opportunity to participate in a charitable organization, Maria became a Board member of the Milagro

     Foundation in 2009. As Carlos Santana's sister, Maria feels that the mission of the Milagro Foundation is consistent with her beliefs and the opportunity to serve is extremely rewarding. Maria and her husband took over the operations of Santana management in 2007.