Carlos Santana's Arts Academy - Los Angeles
Carlos Santana's Arts Academy - Los Angeles

Granting Process


The Milagro Foundation Board of Directors is concentrating our funding by focusing on two initiatives: Education and Health. Our efforts will primarily occur in communities in the San Francisco Bay area, Las Vegas and other international communities.

Milagro’s education focus will support agencies and organizations that are working to close the achievement gap and provide college access and aspirations among young people. Milagro will be looking at long term projects that will lead to systemic changes, especially in impoverished communities. Through education we want to help change or eliminate the cycle of poverty in Bay Area communities.

In the areas of health, the foundation will be looking at agencies providing mental health, physical health, family support and addiction support to children around the San Francisco Bay area, Las Vegas where the Santana Band has an ongoing residency, as well as continuing our focus and funding of international global health initiatives.

Funding will occur usually twice each year in the fall and spring. The Milagro Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant requests. We will continue to fund some agencies supported in the past that meet our mission. We will also focus on additional projects that are important and meaningful to Carlos Santana.

Milagro continues to serve underrepresented, underserved and under supported children around the world. We look forward to continuing our mission of making a difference in the lives of children and creating a larger impact in their lives through our revised and more focused direction.

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